Sean Ockert.

Web Developer & Designer

Hi there!

I'm Sean, a professional web developer from sunny Brisbane. I champion usability, clarity, and performance. Success is an engaging user experience, a product-market fit, and happy clients.

Recruit a web veteran for your next project.

Selected work

Side projects

Web skills

  • HTML & CSS · SASS, styled components, atomic design, SEO, WCAG accessibility
  • JavaScript · Vue, React, TypeScript, EsLint, Webpack, Vite
  • Design · Sketch, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Testing · Jest, Cypress, A/B testing, CI/CD tools
  • PHP · Laravel, CraftCMS, WordPress
  • Server-side · NodeJS, Nginx/Apache, AWS
  • Ecommerce · Shopify, Amazon
  • Web Graphics · SVG, Canvas
  • Analytics · Segment, Amplitude, Google Analytics

Other skills

  • Marketing · Social media, email campaigns
  • Game Development · Unity3D, Phaser
  • English Teaching · CELTA certified
  • Foundry Casting · Mg & Al alloy casting
  • Cool Tech · Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Burritos · I make a mean bean burrito
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