Barry found more than just an experimental Machine Gun Jetpack at Legitimate Research. The scientists have been testing a bunch of exotic propulsion devices.

  • Machine Gun Jetpack

    The original and the best. The Machine Gun Jetpack.

  • Bubble Gun Jetpack

    What happens when engineers get their hands on children's toys? You get the Bubble Gun Jetpack, that's what.

  • DIY Jetpack

    Thanks to advancements in duct tape and party supply technology, Do-It-Yourself Jetpacks are finally a reality!

  • Traditional Jetpack

    Sometimes you have to get back to your roots: the Traditional Jetpack will please the old schoolers.

  • Steam Jetpack

    Created with parts salvaged from a retired steam train, industrial age technology finally gets airborne!

  • Fruit Jetpack

    Unleash your inner zen and harness the power of fruit! This jetpack was carefully carved into life by a mysterious ninja

  • Blast Off Jetpack

    When you think about it, a jetpack is really just a tiny little rocket that you wear on your back.

  • Laser Jetpack

    Strapping a harness to a stolen laser was surprisingly easy. Not burning your pants while flying is the tricky part.

  • Snow Machine Jetpack

    Punk kids throwing snowballs at you and laughing? Strap in and rain down freezing revenge in this especially cool jetpack.

  • Chrome Plated Afterburner Jetpack

    Salvaged from a decomissioned F-111, this afterburner jet engine puts on one crazy show.

  • Shark Head Jetpack

    Converted from a classic warplane, the Shark Head Jetpack proves you cannot haave too many sharks in your life.

  • Golden Shark Head Jetpack

    A Golden Shark Head? This day just keeps getting better.

  • Piggy Bank Jetpack

    Powered by firing 1928 issue $1,000 bills, this jetpack is probably the most wasteful machine ever created.

  • Golden Machine Gun Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Pumpkin Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Teddy Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Party Jetpack

    New breakthroughs in party-ology meant we could condense an entire party into a jetpack sized package.

  • Helicopter Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Water Jetpack

    A misguided attempt to build a high speed gardening machine led to the creation of the water jetpack. Great for watering your rose garden.

  • Angel Wings Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Rainbow Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Leaf Blower Jetpack

    Who has the time for yard work anyway? With the Leaf Blower Jetpack you can kill two birds with one stone.

  • Beehive Jetpack


  • Christmas Tree Jetpack

    Coming soon

  • Red Barry Jetpack

    An old war relic which shrunk after accidently being put in the wash. All the other planes turned pink.

  • Twister Jetpack

    Rated at F3 on the Fujita Scale, this jetpack is capable of relocating an entire house over the rainbow.

  • Flying V Jetpack

    6 strings. 2 humbuckers. 22 frets. Goes to 11.