Legitimate research scientists have researched up some wacky gadgets.

  • Air Barrys

    Leap gracefully over obstacles with these designer sneakers.

  • Nerd Repellent

    This patent-pending formula is so potent that the whole laboratory had to be abandoned.

  • Insta-ball

    Bounce off the floor instead of going splat. Great for travelling a few extra meters.

  • Gravity Belt

    Makes the ground come at you a lot faster than usual. Be sure to bend your knees when you land.

  • Missile Jammer

    Replaces the missile guidance program with pictures of kittens downloaded from the Internet. Only works if the kittens are particularly cute.

  • Token Gift

    What do you give someone who has everything? A free final Spin Token, of course!

  • Freeze-o-matic

    There is no better way to cool down after a hard run than being snap-frozen in a solid brick of ice. It also helps you slide a few extra meters

  • X-Ray Specs

    This high-tech eyeware is both fashionable and functional. Now you can look inside vehicle pickups and other places you're not supposed to see.

  • Gemology

    A single blingification technique that converts coins into high-value gems. For some reason it only works on coins minted in 1985

  • Ezy-dodge Missiles

    If you're going to play a game of chicken with a missile, make sure it's an Ezy-Dodge!

  • Magnetic Tokens

    If you're going to play a game of chicken with a missile, make sure it's an Ezy-Dodge!

  • Flying Pig

    This highly-unstable coin transporter was designed by a scientist with a particular fondness for physical comedy.

  • Free Ride

    Stop off at the motor pool before smashing through the laboratory wall. Why didn't Barry think of this earlier?

  • Coin Magnet

    Every token is fitted with a super-strong magnet. They are easier to collect, but will probably wipe your credit card.

  • Lucky Last

    Your final Spin Token is forged from Fortunium, the world's luckiest element.

  • Flash

    A robot dog who collects Coins, knocks over Scientists, and burns rubber. Best friends don't come any cooler than this.