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Only on XBOX ONE

Your arms are weapons. Use your body to slice fruit as it flies across the screen. Dodge spotlights, throw shurikens and strike ninja poses.

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is the sequel to one of the most popular Kinect games ever and the ultimate party game to play with your friends!

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Take a Slice at Juicy New Game Modes!

Join the fun at the Blueberry Moon Festival and meet the Fruit Ninjas, who have a bunch of new games for you to play.

Millions of kids and adults alike have enjoyed the fruit-slicing phenomenon of Fruit Ninja Kinect. Now it's your turn!

Game Modes

  • Katsuro's Ninja Dodge New

    Dodge dangerous shurikens being thrown at you while slicing as much fruit as you can. Perfect your defence and offence.

  • Mari's Strawberry Stealth New

    Ninja skills are put to the test by slicing fruit while avoiding moving spotlights. Being spotted sounds the alarm and costs precious points.

  • Nobu's Bamboo Strike New

    Slice the bamboo seeds before they hit the ground. Miss one and bamboo will grow to block you from slicing fruit!

  • Han's Apple Range New

    Throw knives to pin the flying fruit against wooden boards for points. You'll need good aim for this one!

  • Multiplayer - Party Mode New

    Two players compete to slice the most fruit. Mini-games occur during gameplay including striking ninja poses, propeller fruit, popping balloons and more.

  • Multiplayer - Battle Mode

    Battle mode has a new twist. Slice bananas to impact your opponent's score and gain the advantage. It's a tasty tug-of-war.

  • Plus: Classic Arcade & Zen Mode

    The original, frenetic party favourite from the original game is back. And we've super-sized the fruit! Other modes too frantic? Unwind in Zen mode.

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