Fruit Ninja Makes Learning Math Fun!

Set in the beloved and colorful world of Fruit Ninja, Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master teaches Grade 1 curriculum math skills to children aged 5 to 7 years old.

The game is the perfect companion to your child's school learning and allows them to practice simple math concepts in an engaging way.

  • Addition & Subtraction

    Numbers 0 - 9
    Positive integers

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  • Multiplication (Skip Counting)

    Skips of 2, 3, 5
    Answers up to 25

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  • Number Sequences

    Even/Odd Numbers
    Greater/Less -than
    Numbers up to 50

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  • Shapes & Fractions

    Learn the names of shapes

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Hours of Entertainment

With stickers, achievements and familiar fruit-slicing action, Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master will keep kids engaged long after they've mastered the main math games.

  • An Engaging Story

    Save Truffles the Pig by collecting all of the stone tablets.

  • Rewards to Unlock

    Perform well at each game to unlock more content.

  • Stickers to Collect

    Create fun and unique images with the interactive sticker board.

  • Fruit Slicing by-the-numbers

    Play the original fruit-slicing game with added math challenges.

Download Fruit Ninja Academy: Math Master

This game is available on Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. Click the store links below to purchase and download.

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For more information about the app, click to download PDF (1MB): Information Pamphlet for Parents and Educators
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