Dan is Back in His Own Game!

A village lies in peril. An evil organisation has emerged from the shadows. Your girlfriend, Josie, is fighting for survival. Can Dan save the day?

Punch and kick your way through 12 action-packed stages in this epic, old-school brawler. Then test your reflexes as you go up against waves of enemies in Battle Mode and Survival Mode.

Featuring intense hand-to-hand combat, boss fights, retro pixel-art, combo moves, weapons and secrets to find.

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Meet the Heroes (and Villains)

Dan (The Man)

An action hero and everyman, Dan finds it hard to communicate outside of his limited repertoire of kicking, punching, and jumping.


A strong woman and resistance fighter who is currently trapped in the castle. Her relationship with Dan is complicated by the fact that she thinks he's dead.

The King

Crude, rude, and occasionally nude, The King is totally oblivious to the needs of his people and the evil plots hatched in his name.

The Resistance

They claim to be fighting for the peasants but who's really behind those red ninja masks?

King's Guard

Loyal brutes known for oppressing peasants and fighting the Resistance. Could really use a good beating from Dan.


Two bar buddies who should probably stick to playing pool instead of giving out relationship advice.

Prepare for Battle!

Race against the clock to defeat waves of enemies in Battle Mode.
Or just bounce on some clouds.

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